2012 Men’s Major Triples


Champions - Ross Smith, Dallas Palm, Geoff McIntosh and runnersup - Don Stubbin, Rod Gamble, Les Watkins

The semi-final was held in the morning with the final in the afternoon of Saturday 13th October in clear weather.

The final was a tough tussle between the 2 teams with some very tough heads. Congratulations to all players for a great game.

Check the draw for game results here.

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5 Replies to “2012 Men’s Major Triples”

  1. Dallas Post author

    Despite the drizzle making the game less comfortable than most would prefer, all 4 games in round 2 completed without delay this morning.
    The 3rd round (semi-final) was postponed by the Match Committee until 9am Saturday 13th, followed by the final at 1:00pm.

      • Dallas Post author

        So much for the weather forecast!
        All games completed in terrific weather for bowling.

        Congratulations to winners in the semi-final matches and the final.

        A big thanks to my team mates. We enjoyed our games and supported each other through the whole championship.

  2. Rossco

    Were any games played last Saturday, if so, what were the results?
    Also….the Calendar states there are 2 Major Triples Games this Saturday which differs from the Draw sheet…which one is ‘right’ or if you like; ‘wrong’?

    • Dallas Post author

      Games were played and results have been on site following the end of the matches, as you would have observed from your many visits.
      Dates & times now corrected.


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