2012 Men’s Major Fours

The draw for this year's competition was done on 27th October, and can be viewed here.

The first round is set for Saturday 3rd November.

I wish all entrants the very best and look forward to this being a great way to finish off the club championships.


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  1. Dallas Post author

    Today’s final was an interesting game from my perspective.

    Firstly, on paper our team which comprised all Grade 3 or higher players, ought to have been seen as clear favourites to take the final against a team of players from lower grades and of much less experience.

    The first few ends were tightly contested with single points being the norm. At one stage, our team had a 6 point lead and looked well in control. A little while later, John’s team hit us hard with 3 multi-point ends to bring them back into the game (in fact 1 up).

    At 15 ends, the score was tied on 15 all.

    From here it was a battle, and it depended (as it often does) on the leads setting up the head for their team (not that I’m biased) and the remaining ends were hard fought. Clive certainly made me work hard to win the ends.

    At the 20th end, with a 4 down on the board and at least 2 down in the head, the only real escape for John was to kill the end. John lined up and hit the head as required to give his team another chance.

    Our team was able to hang onto the following 2 ends and finish with a score of 23 to 17.

    Many thanks to Clive, Doug, Brian and John for playing with positive attitude and spirit. I also thank my team mates for their support, not just of me, for each other. The spirit and friendship in this game, and indeed all the games in this championship, is a testament to the value and strength in our club and our members.

    So, player grades do not necessarily mean a lot in championships. It is how the team works together and supports one another.

    Secondly, I demonstrated that my coach, Keith Robinson, and another very experienced coach in our club, Micheal Schwarcz, are absolutely correct when they both tell me to “…take my time, concentrate on the shot to be played…”. I can say without a doubt that heeding those words of advice through this championship was very important for me to produce the bowling that I did (particularly after the year I’ve had). Thank you both.

    I must commend the bowling of Doug McClymont. Doug’s bowling today was outstanding. Doug joined us mid 2010 and I’m predicting we will see Doug in many more finals.

    • Dallas Post author

      …continuing on my earlier comment…

      Thanks go to John Skidmore for providing umpiring services for the final.

      This was John’s first match since recently qualifying as an umpire.

      John showed complete composure and professionalism in handling the few situations he was required to adjudicate.

      Well done, and thanks.

  2. Dallas Post author

    What a fun game this afternoon! At least on our rink. Thanks to Norm, John, Kevin and Steve for a Championship game played in the best spirit you could hope for. Unfortunately today was not your day, despite some great bowling by Norm and John who gave Keith (his coach) a hard time. My thanks to our team – we all supported and helped keep each other focused.

    On the rink next to us, Barry and his lads bolted out to what appeared to be an unassailable lead, but as well all know in bowls, this is rarely the case. John and his team stuck to the task at hand and chipped away to take the game with a slim margin of 18 to 17. Good fight back. We look forward to the final next Saturday.


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