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  1. Dallas Post author

    The coaches have been hard at work coaching since the open day. Several students have completed their training and starting to play social games.

    Both the Women’s and Men’s sections are eager to make the new members welcome on the green and off.

  2. Dallas Post author

    The coaches have started sessions with many of those that indicated they wanted to take up this great sport.

    Yesterday afternoon there were 5 new bowlers receiving their first lessons on safety and the physical aspects of the game (the green, rink, basic rules…).

    They were taken through the three primary elements of developing consistent bowling results – the grip, stance, and delivery. An explanation of the mechanics involved was certainly appreciated by these trainees.

    All showed good promise in rolling the jack and delivering bowls, with a couple of touchers (that will bring them back).

    Next week we’ll develop the aiming and delivery weight further.

    Micheal & Warren have been doing similar work with trainees during the week.

    All in all, our Men’s and Women’s sections look to be getting some keen bowlers in the next few months (or even weeks).

  3. Dallas Post author

    Wow! What a day for an Open Day.
    The weather was perfect today for our first Open Day in 5 years.

    Judging by the number of mums, dads and kids that turned out, it has been well overdue.
    The day was enjoyed by about 80 visitors, helped by more than 30 bowlers from the Men’s and Women’s sections.

    The coaches now have some work coming their way to arrange coaching for all those interested in taking up the sport at West Pennant Hills.

    A big thanks to Max Walters and his band of organisers – from reception committee, introductory coaches, bowlers to the very skilled crew looking after the bbq. And lets not forget the persuasive Bernice.

    Well done to everyone involved.


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