Stamps for Parkinson’s Disease research


Parkinson's disease is a movement disorder typically presenting with symptoms such as slowness of movement, muscle rigidity, instability and tremor. It was named after an English doctor, James Parkinson, who first described cases of a "shaking palsy" in 1817. Four decades later Jean-Martin Charcot added rigidity to Parkinson's excellent clinical description and attached the name Parkinson's disease to the syndrome.

A former member of our bowling club, David King, was diagnosed with this disease and became a strong supporter of fundraising activities. Some of our members will recall David collecting stamps which would be cleaned, packed and sold to philatalists as a means of raising funds towards research into this disease. Since David's passing, stamps are still being collected and passed on so that funds can be raised.

Please help to continue this much needed fund raising by leaving stamps in the mailbox in the Sports Room or handing to Dallas Palm.

To learn more about this disease, goto Parkinson's NSW or Parkinson's Australia.

Any help is appreciated.

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