Locker Renewals

If you currently have a locker and would like to retain the use of it to store your bowls in 2012, make sure you pay your fee ($10) the next time you are at the club for a game. You can pay this along with your green fee.

Should you no longer wish to retain your locker, contact Dallas Palm, or leave your key (with your name) in the mail box in the Sports Room.

For those that don't have a locker and would like to have the convenience of being able to leave your bowls at the club, contact Dallas. As lockers become available, they will be allocated to those on the list.

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  1. Dallas Post author

    Come on guys, only a handfuls of bowlers have paid their locker fees for 2012, despite not paying for the past 2 years. Make it your task to pay at your next game. If you are not about to play for some time, give me a call.

    In the new year I will declare unpaid lockers available for other bowlers (I have a list of bowlers wanting a locker) to take up, so make sure you pay quickly.

    Any questions – please contact me.


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