Greens Update – 28th November

Bottom Green:

Due to the recent wet weather, the renovation work has been delayed by one week. It had been intended to have a further rub in last week, however provided the weather stays kind it will happen in the latter part of this week. The green was cut on Sunday and a further cut was completed today. Due to the wet weather, the green has been sprayed to deal with black spot.

At this stage it is envisaged the green will be back in service by mid to late December. It also needs to be remembered, Summer has not commenced, therefore with warm nights, good watering and rapid grass growth, the green should come up well for 2012.

Top Green:

It needs to be remembered, the top green is in better condition now than what it was before it was taken out for service last year. Due to the condition of the green last year, the top green was taken out first. Some renovation work has commenced to limit time when the bottom green comes back into play. Plugging will take place, coring and fertilising. It is envisaged, the top green will be back before the Pennant season commences.

The sprinkler heads that were defective on the bottom and top greens have been repaired and are operational.

Peter Eagle


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