Advice to members re Blogging

This is a trial by Max.
Tomorrows meeting has this title as an agenda item. How can we involve our members in utilising the Blogg site, be it suggestions, complaints or otherwise. Maybe only 50% would have the ability or computers to participate, and of that maybe only 10% would bother. However, usually those that bother would be the members that really can contribute, and even that percentage could make the site interesting. Obviously with the effort Dallas has made for this site, it would be great to have more input, but if responses in the future are still virtually nought, maybe the time and effort Dallas has made/making this site available, means it may not be worth his efforts to retain it.

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  1. David

    Wow, Trial by Max certainly sounds ominous! I think Max raises a fair point though, I know how much time Dallas puts into maintain the website and making sure that there is as much info as possible up. We should be using the blog to congratulate Dallas for his hard work and share any ideas we have for improving not only the website but the club in general. This is a valuable resource! Lets use it!


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