2011 Men’s Minor Singles

The final was held Saturday 20th on a heavy green due to wet conditions during the morning.

Congratulations to Alex in his victory over Kevin in a tough battle for honours.
The draw for this year's Minor Singles can be viewed in the Championships tab in the menu or click here.

Alex & Kevin wait with baited breath on Kev's latest bowl.


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4 Replies to “2011 Men’s Minor Singles”

  1. Dallas Post author

    Congratulations to both finalists. The great was of very high standard and provided entertainment to the unusually large gallery of spectatros (thanks to the poor weather for causing social bowls to be cancelled). Both players were very focused for the entire event with little frivolity or discussion which is the usual hallmark of their games.

    Terry Barnett (marker) needed to keep an eye on the jack at all times as both bowlers were prone to give it a nudge. He probably needs a new can of ‘toucher’.

    Final score was Alex 31 to Kevin 30. You definitely cannot get a closer result than that. I believe there were 40+ ends played, which indicates neither playe was bagging large scores.

    Well done.

  2. Dallas Post author

    Well apparently Round 3 (semi-final) had some dramas, but in the end there can only be 2 go through to the final.
    Congratulations to Alex and Kevin on their respective wins.

  3. Dallas Post author

    Round 2 completed this morning with some great entertainment. Congratulations to all the winners.

    It is pleasing as a coach, to see how much some of our bowlers have improved during this year. There is certainly greater concentration by some bowlers on achieving consistency in their stance and delivery, which is resulting in merkedly better results.

  4. Dallas Post author

    Round 1 completed today with some interesting results. Congratualtions to those progressing to the next round, to be played Sunday 7th August.


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