2011 Men’s AGM



Notice is hereby given that the Forty Third Annual General Meeting of the West Pennant Hills Sports Club, Men’s Bowls Section, will be held on Saturday 27th August 2011 at West Pennant Hills Sports Club, with the roll to be signed from 10:15am and meeting to commence at 10:45am.


1. Roll to be signed by those present (roll is available from 10:15am)

2. Confirmation of Minutes of the Forty second Annual General Meeting. (See enclosed)

3. Consideration of the Annual Report, Budget, and Balance Sheet.

4. Election of the Management Committee under provisions of Rule 53 of the Constitution of West Pennant Hills Sports Club Limited.

Nominations for the positions of President, Senior Vice President, Vice President, Committee Secretary, Treasurer, Bowls Coordinator and Committee Members (4), must be lodged with the Secretary, no later than 5 pm on Saturday 6th August

5. Election of the Selection Committee (5).

Nominations for the position of Selector must be lodged with the Secretary, no later than 5 pm on Saturday 6th August

6. Appointment of Patrons.

7. Business of which notice has been included in the Notice of Meeting.

Any proposed motion/resolution to be moved at the Annual General Meeting must be in writing and lodged with the Secretary no later than 5:00 pm on Saturday 6th August.

8. Discussion on any matters without notice, which the meeting by a majority, agrees to deal with as General Business.

The Annual Report will be available for collection from the Sports Room at 103 New Line Rd. West Pennant Hills, from Saturday 6th August

Issued pursuant to Rule 8 of the West Pennant Hills Men’s Bowling Section Constitution

NOTE: Nomination forms are available from the Sports Room Notice Board and must be lodged in the Men’s Bowls Section mailbox, located in the Sports Room (no later than 5 p.m. Saturday 6th August.)

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  1. Dallas Post author

    Nominations have now closed with nominations received for all positions except Treasurer. The list of nominations is displayed on the notice board in teh Sports Room.

    Take a moment to review the nominations before the AGM.

    See you on Saturday 27th.


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