Umpire’s Comment on Behaviour

Umpire Comment

There were two instances in umpiring the Pennant matches on Saturday 7th May which were not in the best interest of the game. The bottom line was that there was an attitude problem with a player which could be classed as unsportmanlike. This was because the player was verbally aggressive to other players on the rink when trying to make his point.

The first instance was in the process of measuring when all bowls have been played. Measuring MUST be performed with a flexible tape or some other recognised device. Measuring should NOT be performed by the use of fingers to judge the distances. The offending player complained bitterly when players left the bank to tell him the correct situation telling them that the 3rds were in charge of the head & to leave the rink. The umpire became involved at this stage.

The second instance involved the same player. He was about to bowl and the shadow of his opponent was causing some annoyance as this opponent was standing adjacent to the player in possession of the mat - Law 35.3 . Following a degree of ranting & raving the umpire became involved. Law 36.1.1 states that players at the mat-end of the rink who are not delivering a bowl should stand at least 1 metre behind the mat. This may necessitate standing on the bank.

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