Men’s Pennants Round 7 – 30th April

Grade 5
Upon arriving at North Epping and with clouds threatening to rain, they didn't disappoint. No sooner had North Epping begun their rollup than the heavens opened up, delaying play.

We managed to get 6 ends in, before it bucketed down again, calling off play, with unfinished ends held by WPH going to waste. A further 7 ends and it rained again, but play continued to allow the round to be finished. By end 14 the sun came out and once again changed playing conditions.

The West Pennant Hills teams played extremely well overall, but on home turf, North Epping managed to adapt a little better than West Pennant Hills on the continually changing conditions throughout the match and managed to win the round.

Giving West Pennant Hills a 1 to 5 points loss against North Epping for the round.

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    1. Mal

      We actually won two rinks and only lost the big board by one shot, therefore losing overall by 4 points to two.


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