2011 Men’s Mid Week Triples

It's that time of the year again when the Mid Week Triples gets underway.

The teams, draws and running results can be viewed by selecting 'Pennants/Mid Week' from the index or clicking on this link .

Hopefully we can get some commentary from the games posted here to keep all of us up to date with the success of our 2 sides, so check back regularly for your dose of good news.

Round 1 - 27th April
Today's weather didn't provide for a good start to the season. We cancelled all games at WPH, but they ended up playing at Northmead and The Hills.

Northmead was still running about 16 secs. We took the lead early, but failed to hold on. Peter Eagle led 14-1 but lost the second half 5-23 after Northmead went to short ends. Rod Foster's team played well, but were robbed time and time again by Don Hazeltine. I managed a win, but it was more the poor form of the opposition than anything exceptional on our part. Rod Gamble led well, and I managed shot on a few critical ends.


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