Hi Dallas

Hi Dallas

Is everyone happy in the club or are they all complacent or just don't care. From what I hear that is not correct.  There is quite a bit of disatisfaction. Especially with continuing updating of the local conditions of play anytime something comes up that somes person don't like. Trouble with this is nobody seems tell anyone the change of local rules. It quite obvious there is a lack of knowledge of the difference between Association Matches and Non Association matches. At this point in time inconsistency reigns

Nice to see the great job you and your coaches are doing in trying to help bowlers with their minor problems keep up the good work.

The Mole.


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  1. Mal

    Hi Mole,

    I wonder if you could expand a little on what you mean by “especially with continuing updating of the local conditions of play anytime something comes up that somes person don’t like”. To my knowledge nothing was changed or updated. The rules for each event was covered in the conditions of play on each event’s nomination form. So if someone had a dislike for anything in the conditions of play it meant very little to the match committee.

    Certainly we did have to make some “on the run” changes to the timetable (as distinct from the event conditions of play) but these changes were brought on by:

    1. the inclement weather
    2. the club entered into a club challenge competition
    3. the Hornsby Cup and Orange Blossom being played on the same weekend, and
    4. valid requests for dispensations.

    The only changes made were in regard to the finals in three different events, two of them meant the playing of the finals were brought forward to a week day and the other resulted in the final being put back two weeks. Unfortunately this meant that we had two championship events running at the same time and because some players were playing in both events, one of them had to be delayed. Again these were within the event rules.

    The real problem in running events comes from people who don’t read the rules and others who enter the event knowing full well that they won’t be able to play on a certain date, even if they are lucky enough to get through to the round scheduled for that date. The other problem is the reluctance of members to put in a replacement or substitute on days they can’t play.

    In regard to your other statement that “it is quite obvious there is a lack of knowledge of the difference between Association Matches and Non Association matches”, why is that when a copy of the club’s conditions of play has been clearly displayed on the sports room notice board. Every one of our championship events were run under Association rules. The reason that was so there would be no inconsistencies in any of the competitions regardless of whether they were major of minor events. I can tell you that when a number of people asked for date changes their requests were denied. when asked did they read the rules, most said that they hadn’t and didn’t know they would be playing on certain dates.

    It might be that 2011 could see some changes to the way we run competition, it could be that some events are played under Association event rules whilst others are played under local rules. It may even be that there will no variation from playing on the scheduled dates regardless of the reason. It is for certain that changes are a coming.


    • the mole Post author

      Hi Mal

      Great to see you finally put something on the web which may make Dallas feel a little better. It is a long time since I have put notes on this blog, last time i did people reacted and the worthiness of the web was apparent. Then I stopped and they stopped except for the occasional overseas person. Now I see that Dallas who puts a lot effort in runing the web feels dispondent about the use of the web and blog. I put something on and you rise to the occasion to answer but as usually not always right in the sense of the match committee where a some members of the management committee believe they also are the match committee and make comments that the give the appearence they come from you where if the truth be known they don’t. I would like to point out that has been no update to the Local Rules on the web since 7th September.

      Anyway Mal I think you do a good job specially with pressure put on you by your colleagues.

  2. The Greenie

    Hi Dallas,

    In answer to the comments made by yourself and The Mole, there are members in all clubs who will complain regardless of the circumstances, whilst others appreciate the effort that is put in by the management and committees. Rules are seen by some to be broken if its suits a particular circumstance. There is only a small percentage of members who are happy when they have something to complain about. The majority rely on the management and committees to run the day to day activities and go with the flow. Can the Mole tell me of a club, bowls or otherwise where all members are 100% satisfied 100% of the time?

    The Greenie

    • Dallas

      Thanks for your support here Greenie. I’m well aware and agree with what you say about most members of clubs being happy to let the committee or other small group do all the work to ensure members have their opportunities and enjoyment.

      I’m more interested in hearing from members of our club about what they’d like have to happen in the club. I’m also interested to hear what members think can be improved or introduced. I make a distinction between complaints (which are positive opportunities for improvement) and whingeing (which is destructive on all counts and has no place in my patience).

      My disappointment is the complacency.

      Thanks for taking the time to express your opinion. That after all, is the purpose of the blog.


    • the mole Post author

      Hi Greenie
      Nice to see you back, how long is it. If people are unhappy and management committee are told how do you expect to have an effect mangament committee, which I hear are not that happy with themselves.

      Remember that even a fool has something to say. (Desiderata. The wise man listens and takes action.

      I really can’t help you in your dilemma about other clubs as I have only ever belonged to one club. I don’t understand why you would want to compare and emulate other clubs.

      Great to see you back how about putting some of your own thoughts on blog you must have some or maybe not.

      • The Greenie

        To The Mole,

        I feel that enough has been said about happiness and unhappiness. The management committee run the club well. There will always be differences of opinion, which makes life interesting and eliminates boredom. We are close to 2011 and a new year. Look forward not backwards my friend.

  3. Dallas

    The Mole,
    Thanks for your post – as I’ve stated elsewhere, I’ve been the only contributor for some time and I’m wondering if there is still a demand for the blog.

    As for your question, I’m of the view that if/when aspects of the club’s operation can be improved, then it is the responsibility of the management committee to review the need or the proposal.

    Like you, I agree that communication of the changes can sometimes be a little lacking in quality and that is something all members can help with. Committee members have the responsibity to ensure the changes are explained well. Converely,members have the responsibility to make sure they understand changes or at the least ask questions to help understand any changes.

    So, are our members happy, complacent or just don’t care? I do not know for sure. At various times I answer ‘yes’ to each of these options.

    Thanks again for raising the question. I look forward to some more in the near future.



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