Club Challenge Round 1

What a tough day in the office!

Yours truly was pitted against Vinko Beran, the club singles champ. It didn't take long to see why he was the champ. There were very few ends that Vinko didn't have a toucher, even if it meant taking my resting toucher out! The way he played was a lesson for me. You don't want to know the final score, suffice to say I did score!

In the pairs, Robbo & Nev battled valiantly but in the end the score was 19:13 in favor of Norths.

The fours (Rod, Wazza, Booth, Hoff) put in a good showing. Final score was 9:26 in favor of Norths.

Our boys will need to put some thought into their game before we have the return match.

The green was tiff dwarf and ran at ~15s. As always, tiff held a good consistent line so we can't use that as an excuse. The weather was warm and we had a gentle breeze.

All in all, a good afternoon out - good company, good bowls, good conditions.

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  1. Warren

    I agree, it was a good afternoon on great greens with a beautiful view of the city and harbour. The green was excellant and if we could have one like that I am sure our bowls would improve and assist with our results away from home. It was another experience for us watching these higher calibre bowlers play shots to gain an advantage over us. Our 4’s team played well and we were all tied after 8 of the 18 ends. This seemed to make them play better and we dropped 10 shots in the next 3 ends through some great shots played by their skip and third. It was great to watch. An enjoyable afternoon.


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