2010 Men’s AGM

Well it's coming to that time of the year when all members get the chance to move from critic with all the answers, to Committee member with the responsibility to implement the solutions.

Are you up for it? Or do you prefer to be a backbench heckler?

This year's AGM will be held on Saturday 28th August. All positions on the Committee will be available for nominations when nominations open shortly.

Think about how you can best contribute to your club and get nominated for a position. Or, nominate another to take on a role in the club's management. You may be surprised at the fun and personal enjoyment gained when you take on a committee role. I for one will be looking for nomination as Secretary for 2010/11.

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  1. Dallas Post author

    2 weeks to go to close of nominations on 7th Augst.

    Don’t wait until the last day to get your nomination submitted.

    There are a wide variety of roles to be filled and it would also be good to have some new faces on the committee guiding the club. I’m sure the experiences of our members can be enhanced greatly by the involvement by members with management experience.

    Don’t delay.

    • Dallas Post author

      Nominations closed on Saturday 7th.

      We have received nominations for all committee positions, and require elections for selectors (6 nominations for 5 positions) and general committee members (5 nominations for 4 positions).

      With the exception of the Treasurer, the executive remains the same as this past year. Many of the committee members and selectors standing have been involved in the committee previously and bring knowledge with them. This will make it easier for new members to learn the ropes and make a positive contribution to the club.

      Don’t forget to return your invitation by 21st August.

      There will be NO phone bookings for bowls on the 28th. Bowls will be a handicap carnival jsut like the Appreciation Day event in July.

      • Dallas Post author

        Congratulations to all those who stood for a position on the Committee. Now we have 12 months to deliver what the members are looking for in their club.

  2. Dallas Post author

    Nominations are now open for positions on the committee and selection panel. Forms are available in the Sports Room and require a nominator and second for each nomination.
    Remebmer, nominations close on Saturday August 7th at 5pm, so make sure you get your nomination into the mail box or hand to the Secretary, Dallas Palm.

    We have received seven nominations this weekend and are looking for more people to step up to have a say in the running of the club. Winning the vote on the day is less important than standing up and offering your services, and by doing so, providing the membership the opportunity to vote for who they want to run the club, and that doesn’t happen with only one nomination per position.

    If you haven’t been part of the management team so far and believe you can add value to the club, then get your nomination completed and submitted…NOW!

  3. Dallas Post author

    Invitations for the AGM will be in the post soon. Make sure you return your confirmation slip to the mail box in the Sports Room to help with arrangements by Saturday 21st August.

    Nomination forms will be available from the notice board in the Sports Room from this weekend. Get your nomination form, decide what role you would like, find a seconder (like that’d be a problem) and then post it in the mail box. Nominations close Saturday 7th August. Then, round up your supporters to help you win the ballot on the day! Don’t forget to come up with some good reasons why members ought to vote for you.


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