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  1. the mole

    Its nice to see the welcoming of Barbara only took about a year.

    I must add my thanks to Rod Roberts his contribution to this club he has been understanding over many years more years than most of the members of this club would know. Why he hasn’t been made a LIFE MEMBER is beyond me. I would like to remind Dallas and anyone else that agrees with his comment the men from the so called‘retirement village’ are the back bone of this club where would be without the Cliff Sulivans, Wilf Morschels, Rod Roberts, Doug Gunton and many others. Sure it nice to be competitive but thank god we are club for all. Not some clubs that are only concerned with competition and winning. Anyway what does “morphed” mean.

    I like being a member of the retirement gang.

    Bye from me and goodnight to yous all

    • Dallas

      Our transition over the past 6 years (particularly the past 3 years) from being a club known as a ‘retirement village’ to one recognised in our zone as being competitive, has been the comment made to me when I play at other clubs in the zone.

      It is a positive for our club.

      It may be part of the reason we are now receiving some experienced and skilled players looking for something better than their old club?

      I appreciate your comments on these subjects as I welcome comments from all our members.

      Note: ‘the mole’ is referring to a comment on the ‘Draws’ post .

      • mickie

        Having visited most clubs in Zone 10 in my duties with the Zone Ihave never heard the comment calling WPH a retirement club. All ever heard about WPH how slow greens are and have no wish to be allocated to play on them in State Championships.
        Where are these new experienced and skilled players surely you don’t mean Rod who has been member of this club for years and lives in Cherrybrook. I know I have been away for a very long time so I might not have met them.

        I tend agree with The Mole in his comments.

        Anyway I like my club whether it is a retirement village or club moving ahead into the future with new strength.

  2. Dallas

    Now that Pennants are over for 2010, it’s time to thank Rod Roberts for his contribution. Rod volunteered as umpire for many of the home games. With most of our umpires playing in the Pennant matches, it was good to have Rod provide his services and remove the need for a ‘playing umpire’.

    Thanks Rod.

  3. Dallas

    It’s good to see more players accepting responsibility in the club by undertaking the Umpires Course.

    We are very fortunate in our club to have so many umpires. Some clubs struggle to get one umpire, and I feel that the willingness of our members to take on the training and contribute to the club this way is a good indication of the strength of spirit in our club.

    I join with Don in congratulating David & Rowena for their success, and in welcoming to Barbara to our ranks.


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