Tiff Dwarf Greens

Who has had the pleasure of bowling on a Tiff Dwarf green? For those of you that put your hand up, I'm fairly confident in thinking that you enjoyed the experience of having a green where the line of the bowl is true and there is plenty of finish on the delivery.

If you regularly play on couch like our club, you will will most certainly enjoy a game on Tiff. There is really no comparison.

For those that were not aware, the Sports Club's plan to extend the club includes removing the current couch greens and replacing with elevated synthetic greens at the back of the block. I can understand the reasoning for synthetic greens - whilst they have a higher establishment cost, the running cost is lower and the green is usable all year.

However, for my part, I'd much prefer to have natural greens to play my sport. After all, most of the clubs we play against in Zone 10 have natural turf and to be a competitive club, we also need a natural turf.

An alternative proposition is a hybrid scenario - i.e. one synthetic green where Green 2 is now, and one natural (preferably a Tiff variant) at the back of the car park. This combination has several benefits:

  • at least one green available all year;
  • removes drainage and shade problems currently associated with green 2;
  • provides natural surface to allow bowlers to develop their skills to remain competitive in the zone;
  • reduces overall maintenance costs;
  • What do you think? Leave your comment or suggestions.

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    3 Replies to “Tiff Dwarf Greens”

    1. the mole

      I couldn’t agree more. Blake has done a wonderful job. We bowlers have to learn to play on all types of greens. Our greens can be an advantage to us as well ala Northmead in grade 5.
      As for Dallas and the Apprentice comments in tiff eagle or tiff dwarf. Stand for the Board and try and changes thing there.


    2. the apprentice

      I couldn’t agree with you more Dallas. As we are becoming a more competitive club, we really need to be bowling on the best surfaces. Many thanks should be paid to our greenkeeper Blake for the great job he has done preparing our greens this year. However, I feel the Tiff Dwarf green is the only way to go.


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