Some basic statistics about the Men's section age of bowlers:

  • Min 15
  • Average 70.7
  • Median 72.5
  • Max 93
  • The following graph may also help understand the distribution.

    There are currently 151 men in the section.

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    3 Replies to “Membership”

    1. Dallas Post author

      An update on our membership numbers:

      Start of 2010 had 142 members; currently 155 members, we lost 3 members passing on, making a gain of 16 new members and a Nett growth of 13 members so far this year. It would be good to have another 10-15 by the end of the year.

      It is a fantastic sign for our club that we have been able to grow our numbers by this amount in 6 months and indicates we, as a club, are providing a welcome and friendly atmosphere.

      If you know others that may want to take up bowls or move to a friendly club that provides both social and competitive games, then encourage them to pay us a visit. They can contact the secretary at for details or check the website on for details of bowling times and other news.

      • the apprentice

        I think such a blunt comment is a bit harsh. There is no denying our membership is made up of more mature people but many of them are still dynamic and active regardless of their age. Furthermore, bowls is becoming more attractive and appealing to younger people and WPH is actively encouraging that change.


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