Men’s 2010 Major Singles

The draw for the Major Singles Championship includes 23 contestants and will run over 5 rounds starting Sunday 11th April. Check the draw here.

We have 147 members in the club and 23 entries equates to only 16% of members committed to play in the event that many consider the premier championship of any club.

Admittedly, there are a number of members that no longer bowl or bowl infrequently, however, that still leaves many bowlers that could enter the Championships. Why so few entries?

Leave your comments or suggestions on how we get more members to compete in club championships.

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16 Replies to “Men’s 2010 Major Singles”

  1. Dallas Post author

    Final Round, 22nd May

    The final was a great match between Keith Robinson and Dallas Palm. Keith was quickly out of the blocks to get an early lead, however Dallas plugged away and eventaully held a lead of 13 points.
    Keith, being the consumate competitor that he is, stuck to his game and pulled back the lead winning 9 ends from a set of 12 to level the scores at 27 each.

    From here in it was going to be anyone’s game. A simple slip from either player could decide the game.

    Keith, Terry and Dallas

    Final score was Dallas 31 to Keith 28.

    Thanks to President Terry Barnett for marking our match – you win the ‘Marker of the Day’ award. Thanks also to Chairman of Umpires, Don Couch for umpiring the match. Apologies for not calling you more often and making your day more interesting.

    Most of all, I give thanks to Keith. Keith coached me when I first started bowling at West Pennant Hills and has passed on many tips both consciously and subconsciously. Keith has been an inspiration to me since I started bowls and continues to be so. He is a fierce competitor and has been the standard that all bowlers in our club have measured themselves against for at least the past 7 years that I’ve been bowling. Today’s result will not alter that. Thankyou Keith.

    • the mole

      Congratulations Dallas. Your win will encourage other members to attempt to emulate you.

  2. Dallas Post author

    Round 3, 2nd May 2010

    What a round! Tough games on each rink. The scores do not necessarily reflect the toughness of the games nor the determination of each player to win this round and progress to the semi-final on the 16th. Check the results and table on the Competition Table

    Don had a strong game to defeat Rod. Dallas had to battle to remain in touch with Peter who just seemed to pull away each time Dallas got close. Keith played his strong draw game to take the points from Terry. Nev and Barry had a close struggle until Nev managed to get a lead and hold on to the finish.

    Just like the earlier rounds, the club can be very pleased with the standard of play we are seeing in this championship, and it is a good signal for coming championships and tournaments that we enter. The club’s strength is growing!

    Congratulations to all today’s winners and losers.

  3. Dallas Post author

    Round 2, 18th April 2010

    Once again a very interesting set of results from the matches. Half the games were played on each green, with the top green being a few seconds slower than the bottom greeen. Despite this, I found the top green was generating as much draw as the bottom green.
    Next round is the quarter final to be played on 2nd May.

  4. Swizzle

    Thanks mickie.

    Let’s see what we can stir up here (pun intended). Doesn’t look like a lot of users though. What is the problem? Don’t people in the club want to voice an opinion? Or would they rather whinge?

  5. swizzle

    First round

    is over and the results are quite interesting, particularly the run of the games themselves.

    Some of our less experienced bowlers that play in lower grades certainly put up strong fights. Take the challenge between Terry and David – an epic of 40+ ends. David fought hard to prevent Terry from closing out the game, surviving from 30 to 19 down. Final score Terry 31 to David 26.

    Other games went in a similar way, with no-one prepared to cocede an end or point.

    The signs from this round is that our club is gaining competitive strength. I feel future championships are going to be more tghtly contested than in the past which is good news for our club.

    See the results for all the games here.

    • the mole

      Hi Swizzle

      I also welcome you and hope some thought provoking writing is ahead.

      This is the place to have whinge up front not behind someones back. Use an Alias if you wish at least you will get your point across. Which can still help our Management Committee to run the club in the best way. So please join the comments with or without an alias.

      Lets hope the Management Committee will listen without wondering who is saying what but take on board what is commented


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