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A sport club like ours relies on the efforts of a number of people to ensure our carnivals, tournaments, social games etc. run on schedule and for the enjoyment of as many members as possible.

If you have questions about the running of the club, tournaments, greens, ... (eg 'Why do 7's play on the top green?') or you have suggestions to improve the club in some way (eg 'Can we have team coaching for the Pennant season?'), you are invited to leave your comments and questions here (you will need to register to be able to leave comments).

Best efforts will be made to answer all questions within a few days. Suggestions will be considered by the committee and responded to as soon as reasonably possible.

Of course, comments or suggestions about 'Bowler's Blog'  - design, concept or management, are also appreciated.

Naturally, as lawn bowls is a sport, we must restrict all comments to being generic about the sport of bowls and the management of the bowls section. Comments considered personal or derogatory or disrespectful will not be accepted.

Thanks in advance for your interest and support.

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  1. Dallas Post author

    The Greens

    I’d like to congratulate our greenkeeper on the great work he has done with our greens this season. I’d describe both greens as being true in their line and generating more draw than we have had for some time.

    The new plinths on No1 green have made a huge difference. It is now possible to draw to the ditch without fear of your bowls rolling for the last 2 metres and taking a swim. Well done Blake.

    The No2 green is quite surprising. Whilst it is a couple of seconds slower than No1 green, the draw is almost the same, allowing plenty of opportunity to enjoy the draw game rather than skittles.

    Keep up the good work Blake.

    Bowlers, kindly remember to make use of the full length of the rink for social games and spread the wear. By this I’m suggesting that the mat is placed at various points up the line, not just a metre or two off the ‘T’. Keeping off the last 2 metres of rink also helps. This portion of the rink cops more wear than the rest of the rink due to the impact of stepping down from the bank.

    And remember to use the boundary pegs for your roll-ups. This is a great help in spreading the load across the green.

    Additionally, please avoid putting ditch sand onto the rink. Wipe the sand off bowls over the bank, and don’t step into the ditch. This sand causes damage to the blades on the mower and reduces the quality of the mowing.

    If we do our bit to take care of the green, then the effort by Blake will not be wasted, and we will all be able to enjoy good greens for a longer part of the year.

    We have greens as good as the rest of the zone, so lets keep them that way.

        • mickie Post author

          Yes I am I think they are great.

          When are we going to do something about the shades being left up by the women. We are about replace two and soon there will be more. If the women are unable to put them back then we have to find a way to do it.

  2. the mole

    When are is the men’s going to get hats, so we can stop the wearing of inappropriate hats such as the yellow ones worn by Michael Schwarcz and Leo


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